Bigger is not necessarily better

Anyone who has simulated the behaviour of insects in software has likely found that it’s not all that difficult to get some interesting things happening pretty quickly. A lot depends on how realistic the simulation is, of course – the more realistic, the more code that is needed to deal with real problems. For GoiD’s part the simulations are kept relatively simple so that the player can focus more on high level behaviours.

“Animals with bigger brains are not necessarily more intelligent” – Lars Chittka

As the article that this post takes its name from ( says, bigger animals need bigger brains because there is more to control, which is why animals of different sizes but similar intelligence have the same brain/body size ratio. Other things like highly-functional vision and fine motor control also take up huge amounts of brain space. (The occipital lobe – responsible for vision processing – is roughly a third of the cerebral cortex, and the cerebellum, which “merely” monitors voluntary movement, contains about half of all of the brain’s neurons.)

If what the article says is true, it may be possible to create GoiD scripts that behave something close to intelligently.

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